Who plays Jesus in Roma Downey’s resurrection?

Watch the Son of God movie trailer for the film based on Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ten-hour History Channel miniseries The Bible. Actor Diogo Morgado reprises his role as Jesus and Roma Downey again portrays Mother Mary.

Who played Jesus in the movie the Bible?

NEW YORK (AP) — Diogo Morgado, who played Jesus in the History channel’s 2013 miniseries “The Bible,” has a new TV series. This time he plays a version of the devil known as The Man.

What is the new movie about Jesus?

The Passion of the Christ 2 Will Be the ‘Biggest Film in World History’ According to Star Jim Caviezel. In 2004, filmmaker Mel Gibson presented the world with his take on the story of Jesus with The Passion of the Christ, starring Jim Caviezel in the lead role as Jesus of Nazareth.

Which religious group did not believe in the resurrection?

The Sadducees did not believe in resurrection, whereas the Pharisees did.

Who is Roma Downey husband?

Roma Downey/Husband

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